Mid-Days 10am-2pm

It’s hard to believe it will be 5 years that I have been “Feeling Froggy”, but that will be the case come September of 2018 when I was asked to do the 7 to Midnight shift on Froggy radio. I cut my teeth on Rock and Roll, but I’ve been a closet country music fan all my life. I’m originally from Weirton, West Virginia, and Merle Haggard was the first country artist I ever saw in concert. It was at the Capital Music Hall in Wheeling West Virginia, which at one time was the Home of Jamboree USA, and the precursor to Jamboree in the Hills. Got my first chance to be on the radio in a small coal mining town of Logan, West Virginia, where I got the nickname the Kielbasa Kid. The News Director, Jim Miller, kept stumbling over the pronunciation of my last name, Kirzyc and said, “we got a Kielbasa Kid working for us now.” After Logan, it was off to Steubenville, then Bellaire, Ohio, Charlottesville, Virginia, Hartford, Connecticut, Pittsburgh and Uniontown, Pa. I can’t say that I’ve been everywhere like the “Man in Black” but it has been a long strange trip, and I hope you make it a point to “keep on Froggin’ with me and “Real Country Variety”!