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I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up. The idea of being a superhero faded early considering my fear of spiders, let alone radioactive ones. It was a visit to my dad’s sisters house in Lawrenceville in Pittsburgh that changed my life. My Aunt Pauline said to go upstairs and see my cousin Billy’s radio station. Considering I was in the 6 grade it really blew my mind. In his room was a table with a microphone, turntables, reel to reel tape machine surrounded by hundreds of records that he used to blare the music and him to the speakers that were stacked next to a window talking and playing music to anyone that would listen on Willow Street, like they had a choice. When I got home that night, I grabbed my sisters record player, put it on my bed and started playing DJ. You might say I’ve been playing DJ ever since and feel very privileged to be able to play DJ every morning here on the Pickle. I hope you’ll make it a habit and play along too on Classic Hits 99.3 the Pickle.