It’s the Kielbasa Kid…

…with a cuteness alert! The Washington Area Humane Society in Eighty-Four pa,, which is a no kill shelter, joins my show every Thursday morning at 9:40 with a pet of the week looking for someone to give them a forever home. Well this week the Humane Society took in a family of puppies looking to being their journey through life hopefully in your home. Don’t Shop, Adopt!

Cupid came to visit WAHS and brought puppies!!!

Meet Flora, Honey, Juliet, Romeo, Scarlett, Snookums, Kisses and Valentino. They are Rottweiler/Pit/Shepherd/Cattle dog mixes and are 8 weeks old. We have 6 girls and 2 boys.  These puppies came just in time. We have all been a little worn down and sad at WAHS. January was an extra hard month for staff and volunteers. We have had a large number of dogs enter the shelter who have suffered serious neglect and abuse. Our humane officer brought in 17 animals in January alone! 75 total animals entered the shelter in January. Every day in January brought something unexpected and lots of tears have been shed. Puppies are a luxury for WAHS. We rarely get them and when we do they are cherished with love until placement in happy homes. WAHS’s puppy adoption fee is $200 which covers cost of spay/neuter, vaccinations, de-wormer, flea and tick and microchip. It quite a deal for a sweet fur ball! 98% of our animals come directly from Washington County. 98% of our budget is from private donations! We are not county funded.  We are not accepting applications via fax or email. You can visit the puppies and view them at WAHS. We will accept no more than 3 applications per puppy. Please do not call the shelter about the puppies as we have limited staff to answer phones. Simply visit WAHS and put in an application starting at 12 pm tomorrow.