Magician Criss Angel turns 51 today. You can make a 4-pack of Kennywood disappear for knowing what magician made the most money this year.

Not to be confused with our David Hopperfield, yes, David Copperfield is correct. Congrats to Lori from Normalville who wins her Kennywood tickets for Friday’s Froggy Country Christmas featuring the Hobb Sisters and Timothy Earl. Another 4-pack of ticket tomorrow morning at 6:55 with “What’s #1?” with Dan’s Tire Service. – James Pond

1. David Copperfield $61 million
2. Penn & Teller $30 million
3. Criss Angel $16 million
4. David Blaine $13.5 million
5. The Illusionists $12 million (America’s Got Talent)