It’s the Kielbasa Kid..

…so, are you already over the holidays? Are the 12 days of Christmas even too long for you? Thanksgiving isn’t even a week old, we don’t even have all our decorations yet and it’s not even December yet but some folks are already over it. 35 percent of Americans say they get burned out on the holiday season before Christmas even gets here. The shopping, cooking, decorating and entertaining all add up to what they say is called “Festive Burnout” which sets in for 36 percent of Americans before mid-December. 17 percent say it sets in before December even starts. Well, sorry to say but for you guys this year’s the holiday season is going to be a week longer than usual. Instead of 4 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, this year we have 5 weeks between the two holidays. But I’ve got some good news for you “Festive Burnouts”. Next year it will be back to 4 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas and it will stay 4 weeks until 2022. Come to think about it, the holiday season really extends to New Year’s Day which means 6 weeks of decking the halls and putting the Champagne on ice. Now can someone please explain to me the 12 days of Christmas again?