It’s the Kielbasa Kid.

…asking, why do we have to move so fast into the future? Here we are halfway through August and the unofficial end to summer is fast approaching with Labor Day.  But for school students the end of summer is closing in on them even faster. I could never understand why the school year would begin before Labor Day. Even when I was a kid back when Moby Dick was a Minnow, school would open a week before Labor Day.  Today some school districts are opening earlier than that if they haven’t already opened their doors to a new school year. We’re always rushing into things. We’re not even close to October but pumpkin spice season is already here, in fact it’s been here for a week or two. It’s not even Halloween yet and some stores are putting up Christmas displays. Hey, did you forget about Thanksgiving? The NFL hasn’t. Their thinking of having a Black Friday Football game cause having 3 on Thanksgiving apparently isn’t enough. I’m surprised I haven’t seen ads for New Year’s Eve Parties or they’re out there and I haven’t seen them yet. Better hurry and make your reservations today!  Hello, it’s still August. I still got my toes in the sand and a cold beer in my hand. Slow down already and keep the Champaign on ice. It’ll keep.