It’s the Kielbasa Kid…

… and while the unofficial start to summer was Memorial Day you have to admit the official start to the summer of 2019 is off to a great start, after being rain soaked all week. The Maui Jim eye-wear company the worlds 3rd largest sunglasses company asked 2,000 people to name their biggest summer regrets and fails. Here’s what they found ….


  1. Watching too much TV. Ah, its summer, unless it’s raining or working what are you doing inside? Got all winter for that.
  2. Not wearing a hat in the sun, especially if you’ve got the old receding hairline.
  3. Not sleeping enough, I regret that every day.
  4. Not reapplying sunscreen as necessary, you mean after you’ve hit the water?
  5. Sitting all day. well it is summer so relax….
  6. Skipping the eye cream, ah I don’t think that applies to me, does it?
  7. Staring at your phone all day. Really, put it down unless you’re looking for tunes to play or your forever media app.
  8. Being too active outside. What? Its summer! What’s too active? Got plenty of time to be inactive in the winter. See line number one.
  9. Wearing tight, dark colored clothing. Hey if it feels good why not?
  10. Drinking too many cocktails/beer. Really that’s a regret? Okay, maybe the next day when I’m climbing out of bed but its summer. How am I going to man the grill without a beer in my hand? It comes with the territory like lounge chairs and Tiki bars. Hopefully you won’t have any regrets by the time September 23rd gets here so till then enjoy the summer of 2019 to the max! I know I’m going to give it my best shot.