It’s the Kielbasa Kid…

…so how clumsy are you? A new survey by Plenty and Handy Towels reveals that the average person will spill something on themselves 100 times a year. Wow! Finally, something that I’m above average in.- 40% of people have left the house with toothpaste on their shirt, guilty. 33% of people have squirted yogurt on themselves, I don’t eat yogurt but I’m among the – 25% surveyed that have spilled a drink on their desk. I once incapacitated a radio station after spilling my coffee all over the control board. Here are the top 10 clumsy moments according to Plenty and Handy Towels

  1. Smashed a bowl, plate or mug. How about all at once and complete with food and drink.
  2. Slipped on ice, who hasn’t?
  3. Cut yourself shaving, all the time.
  4. Spilled food down yourself while wearing a white top. White Blue, Red, absolutely
  5. Fallen when going up or down a flight of stairs, more times than I’d like to admit and a friend of mine busted a rib falling up the stairs.
  6. Tripped over your own feet, with and without shoes.
  7. Spilled toothpaste on your top, not very often but yeah.
  8. Knocked over a glass of wine, yeah, wine, beer, mixed drink and right after filling the glass too.
  9. Tripped over a pet, if you’ve got a pet who hasn’t?
  10. Opened a yogurt and had it squirt on you, not yet.