On this date in 1885, the first movie was produced. If you adjusted for inflation, what would be the highest grossing movie of all time? In today’s money, “What’s #1?” for Chris Young tickets?

The box office take for “Gone With the Wind” would be $1,825,055,106 in today’s money. Congrats to Greg from Belle Vernon who wins the Chris Young tickets. More tomorrow morning at 6:55 with Dan’s Tire Service. – James Pond

1. Gone With the Wind (1939) made $198,676,459. In today’s money: $1,825,055,106
2. Star Wars (1977) $460,998,007/$1,608,419,988
3. The Sound of Music (1965) $158,671,368/$1,286,011,062
4. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) $435,110,554/$1,280,994,329
5. Titanic (1997) $659,363,944/$1,224,033,657