Today is the anniversary of the colored TV set (1954).

What are the longest-running scripted U.S. prime time television series still on the air (on a major network)? So, not News shows. Scripted TV shows, still on the air.

What’s #1 and 2 with Dan’s Tire Service?

Jen from Dunbar wins Chris Young tickets for calling first with “The Simpsons and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.” Listen to Froggy 94.9 tomorrow morning at 6:55 for a new Dan’s Tire Service “What’s #1?” question to win. – James Pond

1. The Simpsons-30 years
2. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit-20 years

3. Family Guy-17 years
4. NCIS-16 years
5. Grey’s Anatomy-15 years