Before the Maren Morris tickets go on sale this morning at 10 at foreverpittsburgh.com for the April 25th show at Stage AE, win ’em when you play “What’s #1?” with Dan’s Tire Service.

Apple introduced us to the Macintosh Computer on this day in 1984. Today, their #1 seller is the iPhone. What Apple category generates the 2nd most sales?

Kim from New Salem wins Maren Morris tickets for calling with “service,” this morning. Yes, Apple’s #2 income generating category behind the iPhone is “service.” The last pair of Phil Vassar tickets tomorrow morning at 6:55 with our Dan’s Tire Service “What’s #1?” question. – James Pond

1. iPhones – $46.889 billion
2. Service – $9.981 billion
3. iPads – $9.699 billion
4. Macs – $5.299 billion
5. Other Products – (includes Apple’s wearables) $4.234 billion

Total sales last year: $62.9 billion