…talk about a great start and end to the week for the Steelers as we head into the weekend. They sure made a huge statement on Thursday night football that looked like it was gong to be the Christian McCaffrey Show the way the running back marched the ball down the field on the ground and in the air for Carolina’s opening drive touchdown. But I guess Antonio Brown who got caught doing 100 mph on McKnight road earlier in the day inspired Ju Ju to turn on the jets and answered that with a touchdown reception on the first play of the Steelers first possession. Vince Williams must have been inspired too cause he was seen doing a 100 mph into the end zone after intercepting Cam Newton on the first play of the Panthers next possession with both Td’s coming in a span of just 13 seconds and before you knew it the rout was on before the fans even had a chance to settle into their seats. Not only was the steeler offensive performance like a finely tuned Porsche, just ask AB about finely tuned but the Steelers Defense didn’t allow the Panthers to sniff the end zone until there was just 5:35 left to play in the game and that was set up by a pass interference call and the first Steeler penalty of the game which was called on Arty Burns. He must have snuck on the field when nobody was looking because he was promptly removed after that. I would be remiss if I didn’t give the Wizard of Boz his due because it’s way over due. Not only did he connect on every extra point but he also had a 50 yard field goal, his longest of the year. Talk about longevity I cant believe Carolina’s Julius Peppers is still playing football. I mean the first game he ever played was at Three Rivers Stadium. Best running joke of the night was a picture of a young Vance McDonald when the Steeler tight end asked for then Dallas Cowboy Quarterback and current Fox Sports Analyst Troy Aikman for his autograph but said no to McDonald when he asked of he could also have Aikmans wrist band. Needless to say the short week was bad for Carolina and good for Pittsburgh who have a few extra days to get ready for a road trip to Jacksonville who embarrassed the Steelers in two games last season. Maybe they can get Antonio Brown to drive.