It’s the Kielbasa Kid…

…with Laura Fine from the Washington Area Humane Society who came by the studios this past Thursday and talked about their new facilities which is currently under construction on Facebook live and also brought in a list of how the new facilities will be a huge benefit for the animals.

4 biggest challenges and solutions:

Deteriorating Conditions

Deteriorating conditions throughout building including flooding in certain areas.  No central air throughout dog kennel and cat isolation room along with very old heat units that sporadically stop working in the dead of winter.  We try our best to keep the animals comfortable with window units and fans during the summer and space heaters and blankets during the winter. 


The new facility will have energy-efficient central air conditioning and heating, upgraded lighting and better insulation.  The new HVAC system will be designed to provide better quality of air flow to reduce odors and the spread of illnesses.  The animals will be kept cool in the summer and warm and toasty in the winter!


The need for affordable spay/neuter surgeries.  Current clinic is limited in space and quality. 


New building will feature a modern clinic which will address the need of low – cost vaccination clinics and spay/neuter surgeries to reduce overpopulation.  Or goal is to increase clinics and surgeries by 30% in the new shelter. 

Humane Crisis:

Humane Crisis: Since 2016, the WAHS has seen a 20% increase in animal abuse and neglect as a result of the drug crisis in our county.  Many of the animals seized by our Humane Society Police Officer need extensive medical care.  Our current facility does not offer the proper holding and medical areas for these types of cases. 


The new facility will have a special holding area for humane case animals as well as a dedicated isolation unit for holding sick cats and dogs.  

Lacking of Education Space:

A large part of our mission is dedicated to educational programming to promote the humane treatment of animals.  Our current structure has zero space to train volunteers or hold community education events. 


Volunteers will have a dedicated space allowing more enrichment for our dogs and cats.  A large community room will be built to host educational events and allow programming to grow and expand, fulfilling our mission in educating the public on the humane treatment of animals. 


The new facility will be located on the hilltop of our current property.  The projected completion date is Summer 2019!