It’s the Kielbasa Kid… the Steelers start the season witha tie, then a loss so if the trend holds the Steelers should get there first win of the season next Monday night against Tampa. That’s if Pittsburgh can find a defense by then because it was missing in action yesterday. To be down 21 to nothing before the fans even had a chance to get into their seats was unbelievable. It could have been 28 to nothing if not for a penalty that took points on the board following a big Ben fumble recovered by KC. The Steelers keep the ball which eventually leads to Pittsburgh’s 1st score and believe it or not the Steelers played enough defense for the offense to tie it at 21 before the half. But this Patrick Mahomes kid for the Chiefs is one hell of a quarterback. I know I shouldn’t pick on the Browns but the bud light remains on ice until they win and they didn’t yesterday but Mahomes is another quarterback that the Cleveland could have drafted but didn’t. The last quarterback to throw six touchdowns against the Steelers was a guy by the name of Jim Kelly back in 1991. Someone predicted a final score of 45-42 which was the final of the Steelers Jacksonville playoff game back in January, well they got the 42 right. The boys in Vegas saw something before Sunday too when they made yesterdays game the highest over under in the NFL this weekend. Wonder how high it will be next weekend because the Steelers have another gunslinger to deal with in Ryan Fitzpatrick, whose apparently found a second life in Tampa. The journeyman isn’t even the starter but has been tearing it up and so far has thrown for 8 TD’s, 1 INT. in two games. Has the curtain been drawn back on the Wizard of Boz? He misses an extra point? Really? Jordan Berry actually executed a perfect punt to pin the Chiefs at the two which led to something to cheer about for the Steelers Defense which was a Safety. The Steelers Defense also forced the first turnover in the game which led to Pgh pulling within 5 at the 2 minute warning. It must have given Coach Tomlin some false hope in his defense to make a stop because instead of kicking an on side kick they kick it deep. So what did the defense do? Give up 9 yards on a first down run which eats clock and by the time they do make a stop Pittsburgh is left with 12 seconds on the clock. So what did they do with that 12 seconds. Well, I guess special teams didn’t want to be left out of this debacle so they ruffed the punter. Game over. 0-1-1