People magazine names Blake Shelton “Sexist Man Alive.” Can you place these past winners in order from oldest to youngest. Here’s the trick, this is the age they were when they won. Matt Damon, Dwayne Johnson and Tom Cruise. Who’s #1, 2 and 3…oldest to youngest with Dan’s Tire Service?

Paula in Brownsville wins the Tim McGraw and Faith Hill CD download for knowing it’s Dwayne, Matt and Tom, oldest to youngest. Play our Dan’s Tire Service “What’s #1?’ again tomorrow morning at 6:55. – James Pond

  1. 2016     Dwayne Johnson     44 (1)    45 now
  2. 2007     Matt Damon       37 (2)          47 now
  3. 1990     Tom Cruise     28 (3)            55 now