It’s the Kielbasa Kid…

..and the Wiffle Ball is finally getting the respect it deserves. It was inducted this year into the Toy Hall of Fame along with the board game Clue and the paper airplane. Man you’d figure the wiffle ball and paper plane would have already been in along with the kind you buy in a plastic bag with the body of the plane and the wings you have to slide into the body’s pre-cut slots but hey it’s nice to see the paper plane made it. Now that this year’s toys have been inducted, it’s time to start arguing about all the toys that are NOT in the Hall of Fame yet, including:

Nerf ball
Cabbage Patch Kids
Magic 8 Ball
Slip ‘N Slide (Sharon Herald)

They inducted the stick back in 2008 which was 8 years after the Toy Hall Of Fame was created. It should have been inducted along with the original class because it was the original toy. How many times when you were a kid that you heard your mother yell “stop running with that stick your going to poke someones eye out?” Who hasn’t used a stick as a sword or a spear? You know what else isn’t in the Toy Hall of Fame? The rock. It along with stick is the original toy. You mean cave kids didn’t play with rocks growing up. If you ever played Hopscotch as a kid you know you needed a rock to toss into numbered triangles of a pattern of rectangles that you outlined on the ground with the rock before you tossed it and then you hopped or jump through the spaces to retrieve the rock. Do you know you can buy an indoor Hopscotch pattern for as much as $69.00 or as little as $19.99 but you know whats even cheaper? Chalk. Course mom and dad weren’t too cool with their hardwood floors being chalked up even if it washed off but hey we didn’t use a rock. Talk about a versatile toy. When we were kids we invented a game called Pud. To play Pud you needed a rock which we called the Pud and the object was to throw the Pud at one of the kids you were playing with. If you hit a kid with the Pud then it was their turn to take aim. Yeah, we were nut’s but hey Nerf ball’s were for the little kids and besides they were too busy eating rocks to know what they were supposed to be used for.