Today is Face Your Fears Day. What scares us the most? What’s our #1 fear for Fright Farm tickets?

Kayla from Mt. Pleasant will face plenty of fears at Fright Farm for being the first caller with the correct answer, “spiders,” this morning to win “What Am I PONDering?” with Dan’s Tire Service. Tomorrow morning at 6:55 listen for a major concert announcement followed by the first chance to win tickets. – James Pond

1: Critters – 50 percent of phobics fear insects, snakes, or birds.
2: Heights – 48 percent are afraid of being way up high.
3: Tight Spaces – 34 percent hate tunnels, caves, and elevators.
4: Flying – 31 percent are scared of airplane trips.
5: Water – 26 percent can’t stand being in or on open water.