Tom Brady who will turn 40

…when the NFL pre-season is about to begin on August 3rd said he has no plans to retire anytime soon and would like to play for another 10 more years but he might not make it to the end of the upcoming season now that he’s entering it on the front cover of the new Madden NFL video game. It’s the second straight year that a Patriot will grace the cover and we all know what happens when a player winds up on the front cover. The Madden Curse. Last year Patriot tight end Rob Gronkowski was on the cover and all he did was pull a hamstring and miss the seasons first two games. Then when he got back on the field he suffered a back injury that forced him to missed the rest of the season. Now Brady could be an exception like wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. who appeared on the front cover and ended the season with 13 touchdowns and 1,450 receiving yards. But others haven’t been so fortunate just ask Vince Young who threw for 17 interceptions after an appearance on the cover or Michael Vick who suffered a fractured fibula, Donavan McNabb a groin injury that knocked him out of the season, Shawn Alexander a broken foot in week 3. The list goes on and on but Brady is snubbing his nose to the curse and even posted a video of himself walking under a ladder and breaking a mirror on Facebook to show he isn’t afraid. Sorry Tom, not being afraid has nothing to do with the curse. I’d say good luck but your Tom Brady and the curse couldn’t have happen to a ni… nah, can’t say it. Maybe its a good thing that Bill Beli-cheat didn’t trade Jimmy Garoppolo.