Presidents who found themselves in a pickle..

…include John Quincy Adams who loved to skinny dip in the Potomac River. One morning he found himself in a pickle because a female reporter who he refused to grant an interview with went down to the banks of the Potomac and sat on his cloths until she got her interview and became the first female reporter to interview a President of the United States, naked or otherwise. Then there was Andrew Jackson who momentarily found himself in a pickle when a demented man confronted him outside the capital building with a pistol but the pistol didn’t fire.The President reportedly too shocked to move watched as the man produced a second pistol which also didn’t fire. A crowd of onlookers then wrestled the assailant to the ground until he could be taken into custody. The odds of two misfires in a row from two different pistols that were properly loaded, 1 and 125,000. Between now and Friday tune in at 6:50 and 8:50 and be the 1st person to identify the President who found themselves in a pickle for a pickle prize worth up to a $100.00. Everyone who wins will be eligible for the grand prize of $200.00 worth of American Express Cards which we’ll draw for on Presidents day February 20th with me the Kielbasi Kid on Classic Hits 99 The Pickle.