It’s the Kielbasa Kid..

..and I saw this story about songs that have been topping the charts recently but weren’t written by the the artist who recorded them. According to Billboard, , in the ’70s, 44% of the songs that reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 were written by just one writer. In the ’80s it was 42% . . . in the ’90s it dipped down to 24% . . . in the 2000s, it plummeted to 6% . . . and in the 2010s it was just 4%. And this year, NOT ONE SONG written by a solo writer has reached #1. A #1 song with just one songwriter is becoming a thing of the past.   The last song written by just one person to reach #1 was . . . ED SHEERAN’s “Perfect”, which he wrote.  It reached #1 in December of 2017.And get this:  The last song written by a solitary female songwriter to reach #1 was ALICIA KEYS’ “Fallin'”, which she wrote.  It hit #1 way back in August of 2001.