Everesting for a Good Cause!

19 year old Justin Frambes from Bridgeville, PA is Everesting today for charity! What is Everesting you may ask? Justin will be riding his bike up and down Nike Site Run in Oakdale until he reaches the elevation of Mt. Everest – 29,029 feet! He started at 4:30am and hopes to complete his mission in 10-12 hours.

While Everesting, Justin is also collecting non-perishable food items and donations for the Bridgeville Community Food Bank. Please drive by today, and honk your horn, shout out the window, and show your support for Justin! A tent is set up at the top of Nike Site Run in Oakdale (by the Collier Community Center) to drop off donations. Way to go, Justin!! That’s the Good Stuff!

(Click above to hear Justin talk with Ali Gator Friday morning on the Gator Show!)